Customers Satisfied customer Brandlift Agence de communication à Genève
Customers Satisfied customer Brandlift Agence de communication à Genève

together, let's create added value

Our creative work follows our proven methodology.

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Describe your project in a few words: needs, objectives, deadline. Please contact us.

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Pricing and planning

Detailed offer and production schedule. Project analysis and first ideas. Tips fot setting up the brief.

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Validation and briefing

Validation of the contract by deposit. Brief and textual content submitted to Brandlift.

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Graphic proposals

Delivery of graphic proposals according to schedule. Production advice.

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Requests for graphic and content changes within the timeframe defined in the package.

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Last steps

Additional changes if necessary and submission of the proof design for validation. Production description.

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Validation and production

Printing. Going on-line. Quality control. Production follow-up. Billing balance. After-sales service.

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Master the rules before bending them. Always do better than you have to. That's important to us.


We only deliver designs we believe in. No stagy presentations, no bullshit. Less is more.


Anticipation, reactivity, lucidity, follow-up and initiative. We act more than we talk.

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Less is more. We love the obvious and timeless designs. .

Creating a brochure: Free tutorial with Photoshop and InDesign

  • Discovering the Mac environment
  • Document scanning
  • Getting started with Photoshop
  • Choosing a good template
  • Getting started with InDesign
  1. Small or large project? If it matters to you, it matters to us.
  2. Understand, define and solve before making or creating.
  3. No retention of files or information: we always offer the resources you need for your communication. 
  4. No stagy presentations to sell you copy-and-paste: we only deliver creations we believe in.
  5. If you kill a cockroach, you're a hero. If you kill a butterfly, you're a murderer. Aesthetics matter.
  6. Follow-up is the key: a single point of contact (an experienced art director), throughout your project.
  7. For us, an annual report can be entertaining and engaging.
  8. Because there's always room for improvement, we're open to discussion: listen our advice, we listen your criticism.
  9. Achieving your objectives takes precedence over our artistic impulses. Meaning over creative euphoria.
  10. Content comes before design. Design without content isn't design, it's decoration: our graphic creations are designed to speak to as many people as possible.
  11. Bonus - We think design can save the world. Creativity is one of the most powerful tools for systemic change. It's up to us to make the energy transition even more desirable and statutory than the latest iPhone.

Our free 2-hour training guide for successful corporate brand identity

  • Is brand identity really useful for my business?
  • The secret of a good logo
  • Typography: 5 choices for a flawless design
  • The 8 most common website mistakes
  • Exercises, tips and tricks
  • Bonus: Guerilla advertising
With the right skills, it can take just a few hours to complete your graphic design project. Our communications agency offers targeted courses, including assisted realization of your project - 220 CHF/hr.

How it all began

At the start, there's a long-haired, short-headed student, more interested in mischief than market segmentation and Photoshop courses.

The story begins one fine morning when, with the help of his classmates, our young graphic artist sneaks off to a large amusement park instead of taking part in the school activities planned for him. Fond of consumer experiences, he hurried to retrieve his portrait at the exit of the diabolical rollercoaster... Astonishment! Faced with hyperbolic speed, his beautiful hair gave way to a terrible Dick Rivers-style headdress. The tone was set, and the jeers were flying... Vexed at not having been able to control his own image in this way, he organized an extraordinary brainstorming session, during which he came up with the most remarkable naming strategy he had ever seen. Of all the city names reviewed, Hollywood was the unanimous choice. Dick Hollywood was born.

Many years later, armed with talent and a few debts, the brave Dick Hollywood went to the register of companies and knocked on many doors, which were opened to him. A tad pompous, the surname Hollywood became Ho and gave life to Dick Ho, a dashing, successful little company. However, from the height of the empire he has founded, Dick Ho sees a terrible threat looming. A certain "DickHoAsianMalePornstar" is beginning to dominate the first Google pages. Alas, in war as in love, anything goes.

However, Dick Ho, like the greats of the world, was able to retire in glory, and today celebrates the 17th birthday of his prodigy, brandlift!

Our secret: 40%

Since 2006, brandlift has been a local and online graphic design agency. In short, you get first-rate value for money.

How? A few computers and a lot of good ideas are all it takes to create strong graphic identities. Rather than shatter with unrealistic Geneva rents, we've moved online and come to you when you need us.

And if we're neighbors on the web, then we'll treat you to tea at one of our many lakeside hotels. All in all, our rates are 40% lower than the market average , and ourCO2 emissions are particularly low: 2.6t according to the myClimate report.

Even better, thanks to our streamlined organization, our production times are very short and there's always room for your emergencies (we know you).


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