a site that's engaging, visible on mobile devices and well referenced .

  1. Knowing the company: it's important to understand the company's vision, history, values and objectives in order to design a website that's in line with its target audience and positioning.
  2. Attractive, coherent design: the website's design must be in harmony with the company's logo and other communication media, as well as attractive to visitors.
  3. Fluid navigation: website navigation must be easy and intuitive for users.
  4. Clear information: the information presented on the website must be well organized, concise and easy to understand.
  5. Fast loading: the website must be ultra-fast to load, whatever the connection, to guarantee a satisfactory user experience.
  6. Search engines: the website must be technically and semantically optimized according to the latest algorithm versions, to improve its ranking and visibility.
  7. Responsive design: the website must be designed to adapt to different screens and devices.
  8. Engaging interactions: the website must include engaging interactions to encourage visitors to explore the site further: animations, calls to action and visit scenarios.
  9. Regular updates: the website needs to be updated regularly to ensure it remains current and functional. The average lifespan of a website is 3 to 5 years.
  10. Data analysis: it is important to track and analyze website data to continually improve performance and efficiency.

As soon as we get in touch by e-mail, you'll receive an estimate, a schedule and our first ideas. In fact, it has already started. Discover our methodology.

Strategy: Brand identity, positioning, technical options, hosting, UX, choice of channels, SEO and Google Ads.

Type of site: showcase, e-commerce, blog, events, one-page. Shopify, WordPress, WooCommerce. Always customized.

Design: content creation, copywriting, image and icon creation, interface design, motion design, development, modifications, testing, online publishing.

Follow-up: technical maintenance, security updates, content updates, SEO monitoring and optimization, statistics.

We can do it! Our processes and technology are set up to start design projects in less than 30 minutes, at any time. 

Your e-mails are processed instantly from 9am to 6pm. Calls by appointment only.

Yes, by opting for our "Unlimited Modifications" package. Otherwise, up to 12 hours of modifications are included in our offers. Depending on the complexity of your website, you may want to plan for more, or opt out.

Our guarantees for the security of your website:

  1. We detect threats early and accurately
  2. We are proactive when it comes to technology replacement
  3. Nous répondons très rapidement aux incidents, 7 jours sur 7
  4. We ensure rapid disaster recovery
  5. Nous utilisons des technologies bien intégrées, robustes, évolutives et fiables dans la durée
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