it all starts with a good logo, .

  1. Company or project context: to design a meaningful logo, it's important to understand its history, vision, values and objectives.
  2. Competitive and target audience analysis: understanding the target audience to ensure the logo is relevant and engaging.
  3. Simple, memorable design: a clean, eye-catching logo is easier to remember and recognize.
  4. Semiological analysis: the logo must convey a meaning relevant to the company.
  5. Adaptability: the logo must be versatile and adaptable to different formats and media.
  6. Colors: colors have an impact on the perception of the logo, so it's important to choose them wisely according to their symbolism.
  7. Typography: it must be unique and consistent with the typography used in the company's other communication media.
  8. Scalability: the logo must be scalable and adaptable to future changes in the company.

As soon as we get in touch by e-mail, you'll receive an estimate, a schedule and our first ideas. In fact, it has already started. Discover our methodology.

Immersive rendering: the logo can be animated or placed on an object, a vehicle, clothing or a wall.

The logo can be enriched with a tagline and a simplified version called the "claw", ideal for smaller media.

Once validated, the logo and its variants are delivered to you in a variety of formats for use in correspondence, print, social networks, websites and e-mail signatures.

We can do it! Our processes and technology are set up to start design projects in less than 30 minutes, at any time. 

Your e-mails are processed instantly from 9am to 6pm. Calls by appointment only.

As much as you like, but always a little more than expected. As an example, our logo package includes 8 original proposals, but it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Up to 6 hours of modifications are included in our offers. Depending on the complexity of your logo, you may need to allow more time or pay for it yourself.

We start again, identifying together what went wrong in the brief. We are not up to the minute, our best selling point is you, satisfied.

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