Geneva's municipalities, international organizations and SMEs: .

  1. Know your target audience: understand who your target audience is to ensure that your message is relevant and engaging.
  2. Clear objective: determine the purpose of the flyer, to guide design and content.
  3. Concise content: content must be clear and easy to understand to attract interest.
  4. Impactful visuals: creation of original, relevant visuals to add impact.
  5. Call to action: a clear call to action to encourage people to take action.
  6. Consistent typography and colors: respect existing graphic guidelines where applicable.
  7. Appropriate spacing: content needs to be hierarchical, with enough breathing space to avoid information overload.
  8. Careful choice of paper: quality paper enhances visual impact and overall impression.

As soon as we get in touch by e-mail, you'll receive an estimate, a schedule and our first ideas. In fact, it has already started. Discover our methodology.

The flyer can contain text, images, illustrations, plans, QR codes and 3D visualizations. For dense content, we recommend a 4-page flyer or Z-Card.

Once validated, the flyer is printed and delivered to the address of your choice. The flyer can be printed on any type of paper, including recycled, FSC and PEFC. Depending on the specifics of each project,CO2 emissions are systematically offset whenever possible.

We can also manage household distribution campaigns in partnership with La Poste.

We can do it! Our processes and technology are set up to start design projects in less than 30 minutes, at any time. 

Your e-mails are processed instantly from 9am to 6pm. Calls by appointment only.

As much as you like, but always a little more than you expect. As an example, our flyer package includes 2 original proposals, but it can be adjusted to suit your needs.

30 minutes to 2 hours of editing are included in our offers. Depending on the complexity of your flyer, it's possible to allow more or to pay for yourself.

We start again, identifying together what went wrong in the brief. We are not up to the minute, our best selling point is you, satisfied.

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