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  1. Target audience analysis: before we start designing the brochure, we analyze your target audience. This information will help us choose the images, typography and colors that best suit your prospects.
  2. Clear, uncluttered layout: the brochure should be easy to read and understand, thanks to a clear hierarchy of content. Headings, subheadings and images guide the reader through the content.
  3. Quality images: images are an important part of any brochure. We create quality illustrations that are relevant to your message and in high resolution, for clear, crisp printing.
  4. Respecting your graphic charter: we use a consistent color palette throughout the brochure to give a coherent impression and enhance your brand.
  5. Highlighting advantages and benefits: the brochure must highlight the strengths of your product or service. We use concrete examples and testimonials to reinforce your message.
  6. Calls to action: the brochure must include clear, convincing calls to action to prompt the reader to take action. Compelling slogans encourage readers to visit your website, call your company or buy your product.
  7. Less is more: simplicity is the key to a successful brochure. Overloading the brochure with too much text or images risks suffocating your message.

As soon as we get in touch by e-mail, you'll receive an estimate, a schedule and our first ideas. In fact, it has already started. Discover our methodology.

The brochure can contain text, images, illustrations, plans, graphics or 3D visualizations. We adapt the number of pages to suit your budget and content.

Once designed, the brochure is printed and delivered to the address of your choice. The brochure can be printed on any type of paper, including recycled, FSC, PEFC. Choice of binding: stapled or perfect bound. Depending on the specifics of each project,CO2 emissions are systematically offset whenever possible.

We also offer graphics, text creation, proofreading and exergues.

We can do it! Our processes and technology are set up to start design projects in less than 30 minutes, at any time. 

Your e-mails are processed instantly from 9am to 6pm. Calls by appointment only.

Up to 6 hours of editing are included in our offers. Depending on the complexity of your brochure (text density, infographics, graphics, tables), it is possible to plan for more or to do without.

We start again, identifying together what went wrong in the brief. When it comes to your brochure, we don't work to the minute. Our best argument is that you're satisfied.

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